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TALENT DESIGNER-The winner is ....

UNIVERSITA’ of PISA and Idealconfort choose DomuS3D® for TALENT DESIGNER challenge

Here are the results of the TALENT DESIGNER Challenge, sponsored by IdealConfort and the University Of Pisa.

In this newsletter we publish the intervention of Michele Caterino, the organizer of the 1st edition of the "Ideal Confort Talent Designer-bathroom edition", sponsored by Idealconfort s.p.a. and the Master’s Degree in Building and Architecture Engineering  of the University of Pisa, dedicated to the promotion and evolution of bathrooms, with particular attention to integration between  creativity of projects, quality of materials and feasibility.

The group of students contended with the planning of an ideal bathroom of any shape and size, but inscribed within a square of 4 m x 4 m with a maximum cost of € 25, 000.

For the plannings, it was used the DomuS3D® Venus software , with whom the students have realized the renderings and the presentation boards of the projects.

Click here to open the PDF with the winning entries.


Dear Messrs Sponsors,

This is to thank you for your contribution to the Talent Designer competition.

Last Friday it was ​​the award ceremony of Young Designers and Professionals .

Honestly I am satisfied, being the edition zero, because it allowed us to verify how well we can work in the direction of Professionals and Future Professionals.

There are many considerations to do about the development of this contest that, starting from next year, will see the competition on national levels and I am pleased to announce you the news in a dedicated meeting.

Let me sincerely thanks to the people of Idealcomfort Franco Catassi , Andrea Catassi and Fabio Fregosi for supporting me in this initiative .

The Idealcomfort will remain on Pisa its point of reference for future Talent Designers.

A little further down you will find a photo of the winners and the presentation of the meeting at the University of Pisa .

Thanks again for your support and cooperation.


Michele Caterino